Keep track of every channel interaction!

Improve your IVR with Natural Speaking Assistants

Automate Customer Care Processes to improve your Customer Satisfaction

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24/7 Customer Satisfaction

With Virtual Operators you can provide 24/7 support to your customers improving their Engagement and Loyalty.

SmartConnect is based on Virtual Assistants and AI technology to provide the best auto-learned support any time, any where. AI technology and IT systems integration provides a 360º view of the customer needs. Provide automatic solutions or have your Customer Support Agents call them back to deal with them naturally.

Drop out Costs

Virtual Operators provide a means to filter the well-known issues and leave the real issues to Customer Support Agents.

Most of the Customer Care calls are within a common set that might be solve by a FAQ. Why to bother your agents with things that might be automated during a peak of work? Optimize your Customer Care costs by letting the Virtual Operators (whether voice or text) to deal with the straightforward issues. Have your agents call your customers back on low workload periods instead to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Improve the rate of automatic issue resolution over time

Auto-learning technology allows for Virtual Operators improvement and optimization.

Continuous analysis and optimization of our Virtual Operators (whether voice or text), uncovering gaps and suggesting solutions for the detected issues. The longer a Virtual Operator is performing, the higher its knowledge will be and more complex issue it will be able to fix.

Design your own workflow

Decide which channels you want to integrate with SmartConnect and set the rules to process the interactions.

The Customer Care Center is the soul of a MVNO. The company culture is transmitted to your customers by those closer to them. Having a more intelligent system does not mean your interactions with your customers will be colder. They will be more efficient and less expensive but the engagement of your customers depends on your processes definition.

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Key Features

Sensitive Data Masking

Personal information data is masked according to Data Protection Regulations.

Rich Filters

Rich filtering allows to reduce in a short conversation time (whether voice or text) the issues to be solved.

Conversation Modeling

We use Data-Drive Modeling of conversation flows to improve the behavior of our Virtual Operators.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Integrate our platform with your IT systems using our simple API.

and more...

Automate bulk tasks saving time and costs, leaving the real complex issues to well trained agents.
Get written reports of all voice conversations and store them within the customer profile.
Keep real-time track of use statistic and generate detailed data including issue resolution performance.