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Step-by-step configuration guides

Self configuration of your smartphone

95% of the traffic to online help, FAQ and guides is driven from mobile devices. The very same devices customers are trying to setup. Our guides are always online accessible for your customers. Increase the success rate over desktop web guides, video guides, PDF documents and text guides that make any configuration for the user an impossible task.

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Lets make things easier for your customers and recognize their device and point them to their guide.

When manual configuration is required, the most common issue is identifying the device brand properly. Doing it automatically or use the IMEI at the Customer Care will speed things up.

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Selects the configuration guide by choosing the Operating System or the device brand model when browsing from a computer or another device.

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Simple step-by-step process to achieve the desired configuration

Each step of the guide is easy to follow with visual aids and clear short text explanations, leading either users or support operator through the configuration process smoothly. Configuration processes are constantly reviewed to maximize the success rate avoiding customer journey bottle necks.

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Get analytics reports classified by devices to gather useful insights about your customers devices and behaviour.

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