While Cutting Customer Care Costs!

Customer Engagement Service Platform

APNSETTING is a versatile platform that aims to improve Customer loyalty and engagement for MVNOs and MVNEs. It is built on the state-of-the-art cloud solutions providing scalable, reliable and trustworthy services. Our solutions cover several areas from APN settings automatic configuration, SIM Management to optimize deployment costs, Customer and Self care solutions for Customer Onboarding and Marketing solution to increase your Customers Engagement

Our Solutions for MVNOs

Solutions that fits all MVNO needs. Whether you need a simple web wizard to a highly integrated system into the IT infrastructure, APNSETTING allows all levels of seamless integration.

Compute your savings in Support using APNSETTING

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State-of-the-art reliable provisioning platform

99% of Market Devices

are based on Android or iOS Operating Systems. APNSETTING can configure both reducing the APN setup troubles due to market segmentation issues derived from Android multi-brand devices.


The fastest APN configuration service in the market. Users will receive the configuration message immediately after the request. Feeling the responsiveness it's a kind of magic!

Pretty Simple

APN configuration in one single click. Our simplified process avoid missconfigurations and failures. The User Experience improves dramatically cutting out APN configuration frustration.

Security, first!

Access to our platform is encrypted and signed avoiding potential risks and user validation, carried out through IMSI, IMEI and subscriber checking, limits the APN configuration requests volume.

Customized Platform

Tailored solution that fits your APN Configuration needs. The platform provides different triggers enabling several integration levels with the Customer infraestructure in the simplest way: APP, SMS, API, WEB, SMPP...

Pay per Use

Pay according to your volume, no more, no less. We grow with you. Two billing models: licenses or pay-per-config with several additional services available to complement your Customer satisfaction.