Simplifying Customer Onboarding with APNSETTING

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Customer onboarding in the world of MVNOs can be challenging, but APNSETTING provides a comprehensive solution to simplify the process. By automating APN configuration and activation, APNSETTING ensures a seamless experience for MVNO customers, allowing them to connect effortlessly to the network without any manual setup. Let’s explore the benefits of APNSETTING and how it empowers MVNOs to provide exceptional service to their customers.

The Challenges of Customer Onboarding in MVNOs

Customer onboarding in MVNOs comes with unique challenges. From complex activation processes to manual APN configuration, MVNOs often face hurdles in delivering a seamless onboarding experience. These challenges can lead to delays, frustrated customers, and missed growth opportunities.

Introducing APNSETTING - Simplifying Customer Onboarding

APNSETTING is the game-changer for MVNOs seeking to simplify customer onboarding. By leveraging advanced technology, APNSETTING automates APN configuration, ensuring customers have instant and reliable connectivity upon activation. Almost, any manual intervention is eliminated, errors are reduced, and the onboarding process is accelerated.

Benefits of APNSETTING for MVNOs

  1. Seamless Activation: APNSETTING enables MVNOs to offer seamless activation to their customers. With automated APN configuration, customers can effortlessly connect to the network without the hassle of manual setup.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: By automating the onboarding process, APNSETTING improves efficiency for MVNOs. It reduces the time and effort required to activate new customers, allowing MVNOs to focus on delivering superior service and expanding their customer base.
  3. Superior Customer Experience: With APNSETTING, MVNOs can provide a superior onboarding experience. Customers enjoy hassle-free connectivity from the moment they join the network, leading to higher satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Case Study - MVNO Success with APNSETTING

One of our customers was getting around 20.000 new subscriber APN-related calls each month overflowing their resources and leading to unhappy customers. Imaging what their first impression is: having inserted theirs SIMs with no internet connection and nobody answering on the Contact Center.

With a APN related call duration of 8-10 minutes with an average cost of 4$ each, it was costing them around 50k$ each month, so they were expecting to increase that cost up to 120k$ per month. Unaffordable!

And the most important: they could not plan for grow!

Sounds familiar?

After implementing APNSETTING in several facets:

  • via API triggered by MVNO’s IT systems once the subscriber has inserted her/him SIM card on the device
  • via web wizard used by the contact center operators in the case a subscriber calls with APN issues to speed up the configuration process
  • via SMS sent by subscriber requesting internet access

this MVNO was capable, in just six months, to reach up to 50.000 new subscribers successfully onboarded per month. Their achievedments were the following:

  • to grow their customer base without impacting their contact center costs,
  • decrease dramatically both the number of contact center calls by 70% and APN related calls duration to 1-2 minutes, leading to 72% of savings in contact center costs.
  • ot to mention how they decreased friction on new subscribers onboarding when they tried to browse the web after inserting their new brand SIM, and how they reduced new subscribers churn with automated APN setup


Simplifying customer onboarding is a top priority for MVNOs, and APNSETTING offers the perfect solution. With automated APN configuration and seamless activation, MVNOs can provide a superior onboarding experience, enhance efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. Embrace APNSETTING and unlock the potential for seamless onboarding in your MVNO operations. If you want to know how much savings might you afford, visit our cost saving calculator and get your free cost audit report

Photo from Pexels by Victor Oluwa

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